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Squibbler Online is a personal blog with no commercial interests and does not actively collect, use, process, share, or sell its visitors’ personal data.

When visitors interact with us by subscribing, liking posts, or leaving comments, certain personal identifiable information (such as email addresses, user names, and IP addresses) is visible to the site administrator. This information is also collected and stored by for the purposes of archiving and website hosting purposes. You can view their parent company’s privacy statement at

We have the utmost respect for visitor’s privacy and social responsibility, which are one of our core fundamental values. If you have questions after reading the disclosure below — please contact us by email at

What data is collected?

Squibbler Online does not actively collect its visitors’ personal data, when you interact with the site in the following ways some personal identifiable data will be visible to the site administrator and will be stored on WordPress’ servers*:

• When you comment on on any post while signed into WordPress, your user name, email address, IP address, URL, submission date/time, and Gravatar link (if you have one) will be visible to Squibbler Online’s Administrator and stored on WordPress’ servers.

• When you comment on any post through email, your email and IP addresses will be visible in the Administrator area of our site, and stored on WordPress’ servers. It is stored in the instance that spam might clog WordPress’ servers (which has happened before).

• When you comment on any post through a social media account, your user ID on that account and your profile’s URL (if available) will be visible to Squibbler Online’s Administrator and stored on WordPress’ servers.

• When you use the contact form, your name, email address and URL (if available) will be visible to Squibbler Online’s Administrator and stored on WordPress’ servers, as well as the content of your message.

• When you sign up to follow Squibbler Online, your WordPress user name and/or email will be visible toSquibbler Online’s Administrator and stored on WordPress’ servers. If you follow Squibbler Online via email will notify you by email of new posts. Your email will not be used for any other purpose, and you can stop these emails at any time by either clicking the “unfollow” link at the bottom of the email, or by writing the Site Administrator at squibbler5@outlook.vom

  • Important: All content on displayed on Squibbler Online is housed on’s servers (including any commenters’ personal information as described above). I am not responsible for this synced version of the data. For more information about please see its parent company Automattic’s privacy policy.

What data is shared?

Squibbler Online will never sell your personal information to third parties, and will not share your personal information except when required in compliance with the law (e.g., as part of a law enforcement investigation).

What activity is tracked?

Squibbler Online’s does not use cookies and does not track individual visitors’ actions either on the blog or on other sites they visit subsequently. Squibbler Online does use a WordPress plug-in to receive general statistics on the number of visitors, which countries their IP addresses are registered to, and which posts they visited. However, none of these statistics provides personal identifiable information (including specific IP addresses).

How can I control my data?

You are free to know what personal data is collected and ask for its deletion if you wish by contacting me at

How can I learn more about the GDPR?

This privacy policy complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective May 25, 2018. You may EU GDPR at for more information on this regulation and your rights.

Last updated September 29, 2019.

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